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Get a free mental health assessment for your business or organization!

As a business owner or organization leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to understand and support your employees and members. More than ever, mental health issues are affecting the execution and performance of those who suffer from them. As you better understand the specific needs of those in your organization, you can meet them more effectively.

Dr. Morgan will do a free mental health assessment for your business at your request. The assessment consists of three parts:

Part One: A virtual consultation among Dr. Morgan and your business leaders to explain and review the assessment process.

Part Two: The administration of an anonymous online survey to organization members to determine their opinions regarding mental health in their workplace.

Part Three: A second virtual consultation with Dr. Morgan to review the survey results and discuss any recommendations.

Mental health is becoming a top priority for workers. It should be a top priority for businesses as well. Take advantage of this free mental health assessment for your business so you can better understand your workers and create an employment environment where they can thrive.  

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Mental Health Awareness Training



Mental health issues are affecting workplaces like never before. Employees value work settings where leaders and managers are sensitive to and educated about mental health. Investing in mental health awareness training for your leaders and managers can help your business be more mental health aware, be better equipped to deal with employee mental health issues, and make your business more attractive to future employees. 

Your Business Leaders will

  • Increase awareness of mental health issues. 
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health diagnoses. 
  • Develop skills to respond effectively to mental health issues in employees.

And much more!

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Emotional Resilience Training



Today's difficulties are much different than many years ago. Emotional challenges and problems are creating struggles like never before. As employees learn the skills and tools of emotional resilience, roadblocks can become stepping stones to greater growth. Practical tools and paradigm shifts can help employees think differently about their challenges and achieve greater emotional mastery. 

Your Employees will

  • Learn core principles of emotional resilience. 
  • Understand the value of disruption and change. 
  • Develop new insights to increase coping skills and improve personal growth.

And much more!

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Dr. David Morgan – Licensed Psychologist, Corporate Mental Health Wellness Consultant, and Professional Speaker

Dr. Morgan is a charismatic speaker who uses a combination of engaging stories and clinical expertise to inspire individuals and audiences. 

In his more than 20 years as a licensed psychologist, he has evaluated and treated more than ten thousand clients. He is an expert at understanding human behavior.

His trainings and presentations help empower attendees to become emotionally stronger and more mentally fit. Please watch the video to see him in action. 

If you have any questions or comments, contact Dr. Morgan here. If you would like Dr. Morgan to present for your business, organization or school, please fill out a speech request.